The power to choose your response.

Welcome! I am Sohini, founder of harikoa. I see life as full of wonder, beauty, pain, and challenge…to be enjoyed and endured with our loved ones and to be enriched by new experiences.  

My essence is about helping people become aware of their own beauty and power; giving voice to stories; offering different perspectives; and bringing people together.

I left a corporate career in strategy and IT to go on a quest to find my sweet spot in life and work. On this journey I discovered that I am a strengthspotter – I can’t help seeing the beauty and excellence in people and organisations.

So, I fired up this strength. I added in a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I draw from my own life experiences. And with all of these elements working in concert, I am able to integrate the science behind what makes humans flourish as individuals, as team members, as leaders, as social beings…with the art of discovering what your heart desires, what energises you, and how to live a rich and meaningful life, in service of others.

Be an extraordinary leader

I will provide a confidential, safe, space for you to confront the things that are holding you back from becoming who you want to be next. Similarly, you have strengths and personal resources that serve and support you. So, lets go deep, remove what blocks you, develop more helpful habits and behaviours, and unleash your power to be successful in your leadership mission, relationships, and life goals. I will be your partner through this transformation, supporting you, and challenging you to step up to be the person you aspire to be, or to do the work that life is asking of you.

Create a workplace where people are inspired and energised

As your partner in positive organisational culture, I will create a space for individuals and teams to truly engage in meaningful dialogue that unlocks innovation and collaboration.

Story-centred Facilitation

Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful, whole-system approach to change, that uses your organisation’s collective strengths, achievements, and successes, to create a foundation for change.

I will help you to improve engagement and tap into that coveted discretionary energy that happy, engaged and motivated employees bring to their work life.

Positive Workplaces

Use appreciatve inquiry to create an open, positive, creative space to enable healthy relationships, innovative thinking, inspiring leadership and energised employees.

At the strategic or operational level, this participatory and interactive process helps people to connect what they do on a daily basis at work, with the vision and purpose of the organisation.


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