Business leadership demands different skills and has different pressures and challenges to those required in social, community, political, religious, and military leaders.

You have earned a leadership position in your organisation due to your intelligence, your confidence in handling complexity, your sharp business acumen, your technical skills, your undeniable hard work, marked by late nights and numerous sacrifices. Most crucially, you have contributed real and measurable impact and results towards the organisation’s profit.

markets demand change. change demands leaders.”

Warren Bennis

Senior and Executive Leadership requires you to level-up your skills to deal with daily dilemmas and challenges that are new to you:

  • power dynamics
  • constant negotiating
  • gaining commitment
  • social and internal conflicts
  • complex trade-offs
  • systemic issues and consequences
  • diversity of human interests and agendas
  • present investment problems vs future opportunities
  • inspiring, influencing, and giving meaning to setbacks and triumphs

In leadership, who you are is more important than what you know.

Courageous Leadership – Balancing the Tensions
Adapted from Yudelowitz, Kock & Field, 2002

As you rise in seniority in your organisation, relationship dynamics shift. You must belong, in order to lead. Becoming comfortable at the edge requires being vulnerable, open to reflecting honestly, experimenting, and learning…and you will need a trusted ally on that journey.

We will work together on building your self-awareness and your social awareness so that you confidently hold the tensions of what is expected of you, what emerges in the day-to-day, and how you want to show up as a courageous leader.